Monday, September 15, 2014

Lewis County Fair in Nezperce Idaho 2014

The Lewis County Fair is held the last weekend of September. 

In addition to 4-H and open class exhibits, there are numerous food vendors and carnival rides.

Sunday of the fair will be the Show N Shine and annual Combine Demolition Derby when the town of 460 people swells to 3000 visitors to take in this spectacular event now into its 14th year. Grain truck racing is the newest event added to the intermissions of the derby.

Other close by attractions that you can enjoy while enjoying the county fair are:

Heart of the Monster Park: Heart of the Monster There is a creation story at the center of every culture. For the Nez Perce, the story of their people begins at the ‘Heart of the Monster.’ A monster was eating all of the animals. Coyote fooled the monster into swallowing him. Using a set of stone knives that he had brought with him, Coyote cut apart the monster from the inside to release all of the animals that were trapped in the monster. Upon emerging from the remains of the monster, Coyote cut it up and threw the pieces all over the land, creating the Indian people who inhabit the land. Fox asked Coyote about the land around the monster, it had no people, what was he to do? As Coyote washed the blood of the monster off his hands, the drops became the Nez Perce. Nez Perce National Historical Park. NEPE LP-2 

Lawyers Canyon:  This canyon along Lawyers Creek in the middle of the Camas Prairie was named for a Nez Perce Indian. Hallalhotsoot was nicknamed Lawyer by area mountain men because of his shrewd mind and combative nature. Two movies have been made near here: "Told in the Hills" in 1919 and "Breakheart Pass", in 1979. Hwy. 95 once wound through the canyon but has since been replaced by a newer road on the top of the prairie.  

There is also something on the Camas Prairie for the railroad buff! Some of the best trestles in Idaho are found on the Camas Prairie Railroad, easily seen from U.S. Highway 95 when driving between Lapwai and Grangeville. And if you take a short detour through Ferdinand along Old Highway 95, you can drive right through Bridge 40, which crosses the road more than 120 feet above the pavement. 

Gold Rush Scenic Byway: This route begins at the junction of Highways 12 and 11, following Highway 11 for 42.5 miles through the towns of Greer, Weippe, and Pierce to its end at Headquarters. It takes travelers past historic sites of the gold rush era of the mid-to-late 1800s. Great views of the Clearwater River and the Weippe Prairie can be seen. Full services are available in Pierce and Weippe with partial services in Greer. 

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  1. I visited Heart of the Monster Park during my boston to dc bus tours with my family. It is located on the bank of the Clearwater River south of Kamiah. It is one of the most famous national historical parks. It offers a lot of enjoyable activities to its visitors. This park is an awesome blend of natural beauty and creation.