Monday, August 18, 2014

Get a View From Above While Hot Air Ballooning In Idaho

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to see Idaho from above? How about from a Hot Air Balloon?

Well there are several companies that can help you do that as well as an amazing event that takes place in Boise aptly called the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.

List of Events: 


Inflation in Ann Morrison Park / “KIDS DAY”
Inflation and Lift Off from Ann Morrison Park
Nite Glow & “V.I.P. Day”
Inflation and Lift Off from Ann Morrison Park

“The Great Launch”

The first inflation of the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic will start at 7:10 A.M. The activity will also be the Balloon Classic “Kids Day”. Children of all ages are invited for an up-close look at the balloons and (weather permitting) an opportunity to go for a short tethered lift. Expect about 15 balloons.       


Beginning at 7:10 AM, there will be a balloon launch and it is also 2014 Balloon Classic Media Day # 2. Expect about 20 balloons.


We show our thanks to those who make the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic possible. We take these patron sponsors up with us on the morning of Friday, August 29th. Expect to see all 50 balloons at this launch from beautiful Ann Morrison Park.

Friday evening, join us for Nite Glow. You can come and enjoy a line of balloons, inflated at dusk and glowing like 100-foot tall lanterns. There will also be great food available, a variety of family activities, and live music. 


Beginning at 7:10 AM, there will be a balloon launch and it is also 2014 Balloon Classic Media Day # 3. Expect about 20 balloons. 


This flight is the last scheduled inflation and launch of the 2014 Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. Pilots will perform (weather permitting) “The Great Launch” with all fifty (50) balloons lifting off in an approximate two minute window. The Great Launch requires perfect weather so cross your fingers. If we get the weather, this will be one of the most remarkable things you will ever see (and) the absolute “photo moment” in the history of the 
event. If the event weather does not cooperate, a normal inflation and release will be executed.

You can enjoy the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic or you can visit one of these websites to book your private tour our find out where you can book a private or group ride:

Don't forget to have a place to "come back down to" from after your high flying adventure!

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"I Want to Ride My Bicycle"...In Idaho

Idaho may be famous for potatoes, but a little known fact is that Idaho has an abundant bicycling culture that includes many paved bicycle trails as well as miles of single track for the mountain biker: 

  • Idaho has more than 12,000 miles of single track trails and at least twice that in 4-wheel-drive dirt roads.  
  • Trail of the Coeur D'Alene's  is a 72-mile paved path that extends from Plummer, Idaho, to Mullan, Idaho.
  • Coeur d'Alene Parkway.  The parkway is part of the nationally famous North Idaho Centennial Trail, a multi-use recreational trail system that meanders for 24 miles from the Idaho/Washington state line.   
  • The Ashton to Tetonia Trail in East Idaho.

Along with these fabulous trails and miles of ridable roadways there are also several events that take place throughout the year that you can participate in. Here are a few that are taking place through the rest of the summer months. 
Wydaho Rendezvous Mountain Bike Festival — Aug. 29, – Sept. 1, 2014 A mountain bike gathering over Labor Day weekend at the Grand Targhee Resort in the Tetons, on the border between Driggs, Idaho, and Alta, Wyoming. Presented by the resort and Teton Valley Trails and Pathways.
Ride to Joseph — September 12-14, 2014   The 200-mile ride leaves from Lewiston and heads into Washington state for most of the day until it reaches Wallowa Lake near  Joseph, Oregon, for an overnight. The return trip follows the same course. Twin Rivers Cyclists..
Bike MS: Cycle the Silver Valley 2014 (Kellogg) Dates: Sept. 13-14, 2014  The fund-raiser for the National MS Society begins and ends at Silver Mountain Resort, Kellogg. Day 1: 20, 50, 75 or 100 miles. Day 2: 25, 35 or 50 miles (off-trail challenge route available on Day 2 only)
WaCanId Ride — Sept. 15-20, 2014  A 340-mile bike tour loop around the Selkirk Mountains encompasses parts of Washington, Idaho and British Columbia. Riders can begin in any of the host towns — Oldtown, Sandpoint, or Bonners Ferry in Idaho; or Creston, Nelson, Fruitvale or Castlegar in British Columbia. Presented by Rotary Club.
C’oeur d’Fondo — Sept. 27, 2014  Cyclists of all ages and abilities can participate in this Lake Coeur d’Alene bike ride. Four options of 108, 84, 37 and 10 miles; the longer rides go around the lake. Benefits the North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation.

While you are biking your way through and around Idaho or enjoying one of our many bicycling events please be sure to book your stay at one of the many lodging options in our state. Here is where you can start your search: