Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lava Hot Springs' Fire and Ice Winterfest 2014

Cold, gray, dull. If this describes your post-holiday winter, then have we got the event for you! Fire and Ice Winterfest in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho!

That’s right: the good (and potentially a little wacky) people of both Lava Hot Springs, Idaho utilize both fire and ice to put a little zing into your winter!

Lava Hot Springs, a quaint resort town in Idaho that is famous for its natural, spring-fed, hot pools, puts on the Fire and Ice Winterfest each year over the first full weekend of February, which falls on the 7th through the 9th, in 2014.

And what, exactly, is the Fire and Ice Winterfest?

Well, besides being dubbed one of the “top 10 zaniest winter festivals” in the world by USA Today, the Fire and Ice Winterfest is a great weekend get-away featuring wine tasting, comedy, Karaoke, Disc Golf and some really crazy activities such as the Polar Float Parade – a pastime involving riding the icy waters of the Portneuf River on an inner tube while dressed in a silly yet scant costume. Yes, this last is an activity that is likely better to witness than to engage in but maybe that’s just me …

Another big draw is the Fire and Ice Winterfest Chili and Bread Tasting, a cook-off event featuring local and visiting masters of bread and chili squaring off over their respective cooking implements – and you get to taste and vote!

There’s also the Disc Golf Tournament, with cash and prizes for the top three scorers in each division, the Children’s Water Carnival (for children of all ages, natch), and the Running of the Bulls, in which the contestants run down Lava Hot Springs Main Street in just a swim suit and flip flops. In the middle of winter. In Idaho.

Fire and Ice Winterfest 2014

February 7th, 8th, and 9th
For a full schedule of events, please visit:

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