Monday, December 30, 2013

The Fourth Annual Ice Bowl at Winchester State Park

Attention ice fishers!

The Fourth Annual Ice Bowl at Winchester State Park takes place on January 25th, 2014 at 8am.

Whether you are a long-time ice fisher or even if you have never attempted angling during the winter season, the Ice Bowl at Winchester Park is an exciting event you will not want to miss.

There's something magical about walking out onto a thick sheet of ice, setting up your chair, heater, and wind break, chipping a hole in the ice, and dropping in your line. Sipping a little cocoa or hot-buttered rum while you wait for those nibbles puts the cherry on top. About the only thing better is that feel of your line going taut when you have hooked yourself a fish - yes!

And fish there will be!

The contest is for best weight out of ten fish caught, with all species considered but with a six fish limit on trout and bass, each. There are two categories of contestants to be considered: 12 and under and 13 and over, so bring the kids along! Fish must be caught and weighted at the boat lunch by 2pm to be eligible.

Over seventy fishermen signed up for the contest last year, so there will be some exciting competition!

Simply pay your $5 and register at the boat launch by 8am to compete.

Fish On!

The Fourth Annual Ice Bowl at Winchester State Park

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