Saturday, October 12, 2013

Balanced Rock in Salmon Falls Creek Canyon


Balanced Rock in Salmon Falls Creek Canyon, South Central Idaho[/caption] Balanced Rock in Salmon Falls Creek Canyon is one of those iconic formations you have probably seen in pictures - but have never actually been to.

This is a mistake.

Over 48 feet tall and weighing more than 40 tons, Balanced Rock in Salmon Falls Creek Canyon perches precariously on a tiny pedestal only 3 feet by 17 inches. Why on earth doesn’t it topple? In 1929, one local resident was so tired of waiting for what he felt was the inevitable that he decided to come to the aid of gravity with his pick-axe. Luckily, he only succeeded in alarming people and the slightly damaged pedestal was lightly reinforced with concrete.

Common folk-lore has it that Balanced Rock in Salmon Falls Creek Canyon is a wind-carved formation and, while it has, undoubtedly, been shaped somewhat by the wind and rain over the years, its fascinating outline is primarily a product of its initial formation and subsequent freezing and thawing.

The composition of the rock - Rhyolite - indicates that it was formed some 8 million years ago by being ejected as a lump of very hot ash (as hot as 1,800 degrees F!) from a volcano during eruption. That volcano? Yellowstone.

Visiting Balanced Rock in Salmon Falls Creek Canyon is an off the beaten path adventure that takes you into one a very interesting and beautiful part of Idaho. Not only is there the picturesque and fascinating Balanced Rock but also Salmon Falls Creek Canyon. The entrancingly beautiful perpendicular rock formations captivated the Paiute Indians for hundreds of years and is best seen by kayak.

Shoshone Falls is nearby and higher than Niagara Falls![/caption]Also in the area and very much worth seeing are Shoshone Falls and the Hagerman Fossil Bed. Shoshone Falls is a spectacular natural beauty and higher than Niagara Falls. Hagerman Fossil Bed is the world's richest known fossil deposit from the Pliocene Epoch where the fossilized remains of over 200 proto-horses were discovered. Plus there’s an overlook to view Oregon Trail wagon ruts!

How to get to Balanced Rock in Salmon Falls Creek Canyon

Balanced Rock is northwest of Castleford, and west of Twin Falls - Follow the signs from Buhl to Castleford, then drive 6 mi. NW through farmland to Balanced Rock - go here for a map:

Lodging in South Central Idaho?
We encourage you to choose an Idaho B&B when visiting Balanced Rock in Salmon Falls Creek Canyon. You're here for a unique experience so why settle for impersonal, sub-par accommodations when you can get the personal and unique touch of a warm and welcoming B&B? Yeah, I can't think of a reason to, either.

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