Thursday, August 29, 2013

Biking Idaho

If nothing sets you free like the great outdoors, a chain crank at your feet, and the wind in your face, then Idaho is the place for you. Whether your preference is road or trail biking, Idaho will not disappoint.

If you're looking for a cyclist's heaven in the Northwest, the answer is: Idaho.

With over 12,000 miles of trails and twice that in 4-wheel-drive roads, biking enthusiasts come from all over the world to experience biking in Idaho’s amazing array of unspoiled locations.

The Trail of the Coeur d' Alenes is a must for any road biker. At 72 miles - from Plummer to Mullen, Idaho - it is the world’s longest, continually paved trail and winds through some of the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous parts of the state.

Another no-brainer for the cyclist is the Coeur d'Alene Parkway. Part of the North Idaho Centennial Trail, this multi-use, recreational trail system is 24 miles in length from the Idaho/Washington state line.

Many Idaho state parks have single-track mountain biking trails, hard surfaced trails, or both. Most of these are set aside for non-motorized travel, making for a safer, more tranquil trail experience. Some of these are part of the 'rails to trails' project: old railroads converted to ten foot borad, paved trails running through the wilderness.

When considering lodging for biking Idaho, the one-of-a-kind, real-people approach of Bed and Breakfasts makes them the smart choice for the cycling enthusiast. Innkeepers tend to know their areas well and can offer the kind of inside information on local trails and attractions that others wouldn't have the time for.

Here are a few of our own suggestions:

Idaho Road Biking
Trail of the Coeur d' Alenes
North Idaho Centennial Trail
Route of the Hiawatha Trail
Wood River Trail from Bellevue to Sun Valley, ID
Weiser River Rail Trail, Weiser, ID
Heyburn State Park
Ponderosa State Park
Lucky Peak State Park

Idaho Mountain Biking
Heyburn State Park
Priest Lake State Park
Farragut State Park
Harriman State Park
Ponderosa State Park
Massacre Rocks State Park
Hells Gate State Park
Mary McCroskey State Park
City Of Rocks
Lake Cascade State Park
Land of the Yankee Fork State Park
Henrys Lake State Park
Round Lake State Park
Winchester State Park
Eagle Island State Park

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