Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rexburg News: Madison County Fair!

Rexburg is home to the County Fair

Every August, the community in Madison County gathers to celebrate it's rich history in agriculture. The fair is a celebration of all of this and the bounty of the land. Look forward to lots of cowboys and good competition in the rodeo arena. This year, the fair will be held August 16th - 18th.

Along with outdoor entertainment and a lot of produce, home arts will be on display along with local fine art and photographs on display. All of these will have peoples choice awards so don't forget to cast your vote. Every vote counts!

Representing the youth of our community, the 4-H projects will be on display. The kids of 4-H have been working hard on their projects so make sure to stop by the animal pens and check them out. On Saturday you'll have to opportunity to bid on the animals. Everything is inside the indoor arena.

The Madison County fair is a traditional event: expect everything from baking to fashion to pigs to steers to a petting zoo.

Have you gone to the County Fair Before?

Whether in Madison county or elsewhere in the west, what is your favorite part of the fair? I know I have a few different ones - the fair food, like cotton candy and corn dogs, as well as the rodeo and the Ferris wheel. What do you and your family look forward to?

The Madison County Rodeo

When one thinks of a traditional county fair, an element that can't be missed is the rodeo. While the events at the rodeo mostly stay the same - calf roping, bull riding, bronckin' buck riding and barrel racing, it is always entertaining and exciting, every year. But that’s nothing new, right?

This year something new is happening at the Rodeo on Saturday. In May the Rexburg Ranch Rodeo and Women’s Steer Stopping became a sanctioned event, associated with the Western States Ranch Rodeo Association (WSRRA).

For years, larger rodeo associations catered to the full-time rodeo competitor, leaving a large gap for those who work full time in other professions. By including those that work full-time as ranch cowboys, smaller ranches and WSRRA will considerably enrich the ranch rodeo sport, bringing in fresh talent, showcasing more skills and encouraging seniors, women and youths to participate in a family atmosphere. Only by continuing to expand the opportunities for all ranch rodeo competitors do we ensure that the ranch rodeo heritage will continue for generations to come.

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New Event: TheMadCo Car Show

Brand new this year, the MadCo Car show will be on August 20, 2011 at the Madison County Fair Grounds from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. This show will feature new as well as classic cars, motorcycles, tractors and more. From Vintage to stock and everything in between, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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