Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Idaho International Dance Festival

Idaho International Music Festival

Folk dancers from all around the world gather in the community of Rexburg for the Idaho International Dance & Music Festival. Dancers come from approximately 10 different countries each year and only one team from each country can participate.

The Idaho International Dance & Music Festival is a mixture of ceremony, dance instruction and performance. Many of the international dancers stay with host families for the event. This balance of activity provides time for the locals and the visitors to almost become part of each others families.

The Idaho International Dance & Music Festival is organized by the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce and Brigham Young University. A directing committee with hundreds of volunteers and intern put together this great community event. This year, the event is also being held in Burley, from July 25th -27th. The festival will continue in Rexburg from July 28th to August 4th. Take a look at the great Magic Valley Bed and Breakfasts in the region to find the perfect place to stay for your visit.

International Dance & Music Festival 2011

Last year, about 175 dancers from Austria, Belgium, India, Russia, Senegal and Columbia attended the festival last year. The guests shared traditions and customs along with their music and dance. Did you attend last year? We would like for you to share you photos or experiences with us!

Events at the Festival

Usually, the festival begins with a parade during which the different dance troupes can show off some of their moves. After the parade each team will perform and interact with the audience. Teams will also have souvenir tables set up. A street festival usually takes place on Main St. as well.

History of the Idaho Dance & Music Festival

Brigham Young university dance directors, who founded the festival, drew their inspiration from a folk dance tour of Europe they completed in 1983. They envisioned a dance event in Rexburg that would attract performers from all over the world. The inaugural festival took place in 1986; since then the diversity of the team rosters has grown. Between 1986 and 2006, 172 teams performed from over 55 countries. In recent years, the nearby town of Burley became a second site of the festival; its version takes place within a week or two of the Rexburg festival.

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