Monday, May 7, 2012

Port-Neuf Rendezvous Celebrates Idaho Mountain Man History

The 38th Annual Port-Neuf Rendezvous, put on by the Port-Neuf Muzzleloaders, will come together at McCammon, Idaho on June 1-3, 2012 to provide a living history event you're sure to enjoy.

A History of the Mountain Man Rendevous

Historically, a Rendezvous was an annual gathering of trappers, explorers and other mountain men & women. At the Rendevous, these hardy souls were able to leave behind their daily toils and reap the rewards of trade and recreation with their fellow frontiersmen.  It was a time to collect pay, settle debts, and shop for needed tools and supplies, of course, but, just as importantly, it was a time to reconnect with old friends, meet new ones, and truly enjoy their lives of freedom with revelry and competition.

Mountain Men & Muzzle-loaders Return to  Southeast Idaho

The Port-Neuf Rendezvous provides an opportunity for visitors to step back into the 1800s and relive those bygone times again with many events and activities to enjoy, including:

  • Blackpowder Rifle & Pistol Shoots for Men, Women & Kids

  • Knife & Tomahawk Throws

  • Primitive Archery Competition (wood bows and wood arrows with feather fletches only)

  • Cannon Shoots

  • Trail Walks

  • Council Fire Saturday Night & Music

  • Kids Competition - Candy Cannon

  • Tin Tepee & Primitive Camping

  • Cannon Shoot Saturday

Participants also earn points for the authenticity of their period dress.  See history come alive as participants showcase the adventure of Mountain Man culture.

A Scenic Event Location Just 3.5 Miles West of I-15

The Port-Neuf Rendevous is located west of I-15 and McCammon.  Take Exit 44 and follow the signs.

Southeast Idaho Lodging near the Port-Neuf Rendezvous

South eastern Idaho, home to the Port-Neuf Rendezvous in McCammon, offers a variety of B&B inn lodging.  Browse the B&B inns of the Snake River Plains region of Idaho to find your ideal accommodations for a visit to the magic of mountain man history at the Port-Neuf Rendevous.

Share Your Port-Neuf Rendezvous Expectations and Experiences

Are you planning on visiting the Rendezvous for the first time or returning to it this year to enjoy it again?  Please share your thoughts on and memories of this event.

Visit the Port-Neuf Rendevous Website

Learn more about the Port-Neuf Muzzleloaders and this exciting event celebrating mountain man heritage.

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